Why Pay for personal training?


Why not just a cheap bootcamp?

Good question. Many people run fitness classes or outdoor 'boot camps' which are less expensive and these work for many people. There are also food supplement companies which run 'free' fitness classes but expect you to buy their products and then sell them to your friends. 

But PT is different. It is tailored to you. It is 1-2-1 where you are my total focus. It comes with exclusive use of my studio during your session, fitness and nutritional advice, explanations of why we are using a particular form of training and active, personal encouragement to achieve your goals. 

So whether your goal is sporting success, weight loss or just getting fitter and feeling better, working closely with me as your fitness professional is the most cost effective and successful solution. 

And you'll choose me because I've been doing this full time since 2010.

Professional and effective personal training in Eaton, Norwich.