A Private Studio


Why this the best set up.

Why I have I gone to the expense of setting up a private personal trainer studio in Norwich rather than working in a commercial gym or training clients in their own home? 

Better than a commercial gym

In a commercial gym you're always fighting for equipment with other users and you have the eyes of other members on you. Not here. Many of my clients have come to me to help build self-confidence. They dislike the 'gym environment' and wish to train in a more private setting. 

Why not home PT?

As for working out at home and have the trainer come to you: sounds good in principle but the restrictions are always too great to get the best results. Equipment is always limited and the space is never ideal. To get the best you need to have the best environment. That is what I offer: bespoke training in a specialist studio. 

The best equipment

Over the years I have constantly invested in the best equipment. So you get the best results you can in the best time frame. So make sure of great equipment in great surroundings with a professional, well qualified Personal Trainer.