Colin Browning: PT and Strength & Conditioning Norwich (Eaton)

December 2018

Over 8 years and 11,000 hours experience delivering 1-2-1 sessions in my fully equipped private PT studio.

07740 584398

About Me

December 2018 and the kids are getting excited about Christmas.

My name is Colin Browning and I offer a comprehensive personal training and strength and conditioning services.

I am a 54 year old full time, highly experienced personal trainer working from my own personal training studio in Eaton, Norwich. I also offer specialist strength and conditioning services for athletes looking to improve sporting performance.



I having been working as a Personal Trainer in Norwich since 2010 and I've delivered over 11,000 hours of personal training and strength and conditioning. Compare that to someone only newly qualified. I have also continually added to my skills base as you'll see from my list of fitness qualifications. Today I work with a range of male and female clients. My youngest is 17, the eldest is 78.

Why Me?

You may be completely new to fitness or an experienced athlete. Either way, rather than being a 'brand new' PT, I offer years and thousands of hours of experience, a private, fully equipped studio in Eaton, Norwich and the chance to work with a full time fitness professional dedicated to improving your performance.

But more than that, I will teach you how to train. Rather than simply give you a programme to follow when you're training away from me, I'll equip you with the skills to understand how to walk into a gym and instinctively know what it is you need to do.


Colin Browning Personal Trainer

Parsons Mead, Eaton, Norwich, Norfolk NR4 6PG, GB

07740 584398


Monday - Friday: 0600 - 2000

Saturday: 0630 - 1200

Sunday: Closed