Colin Browning: PT and S&C in Eaton (Norwich)

March 2019. Now in my 10th year delivering personal training in my fully equipped private PT studio in Eaton (Norwich)

07740 584398

About Me

07740 584398

I currently have space for a couple of new clients. Please contact me to get started.

It's March 2019.

My name is Colin Browning and I offer a comprehensive personal training and strength and conditioning services.

I am a 54 year old full time, highly experienced (10th year and over 11,000 hours) personal trainer working from my own personal training studio in Eaton, Norwich. I also offer specialist strength and conditioning services for athletes looking to improve sporting performance.


What to Expect

In many ways this will depend on what your goals are. Training outputs are specific to training inputs which is why marathon runners and sprinters have different regimes. But what I can say is that although each session will be manageable, you will be pushed. How hard? Certainly harder than you would if you simply worked alone, that’s one of the reasons why you use a trainer. But not too far. The goal each trainer should have in mind when approaching a client’s session is stimulate, not annihilate.

So, if we’re lifting weights I’ll have a record of your previous sessions so I can see how much we need to raise the load by. If we’re doing something a little more high intensity, I can increase the time worked or decrease the recovery period. The point is that a good coach takes the guesswork out of your gym work. Why not get in touch and we can sit down and discuss your specific goals.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Services Offered

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Colin Browning Personal Trainer

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