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May 2020

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Welcome to my website.

Corona Virus Update.

The studio is shut due to national lockdown. However, I intend to resume work on 1st June to coincide with the reopening of shops and the partial return of schools.

By working with me as your professional personal trainer you'll get so much more than your everyday gym membership. Guidance, knowledge and support are all part of the package.

A good personal trainer will take the time to get to know and understand you as the client. By doing this I can adjust each workout, so it matches both your needs and abilities. This is what differentiates the PT from a fitness instructor who takes classes where essentially everybody does the same thing.

Want to drop a dress size? Want to build muscular strength? Want to improve sports performance? All these are great goals and as a good PT, I spend the time needed to understand what it is you want. This is about you, not me. Why should you need to know what I can achieve in my own training? World class athletes aren’t bothered about how strong their coach is, only how they can help them improve. The same rule applies here.

So tell me your goals. Ask me how I can help you. Question what you have been doing and how we can work together to achieve what it is you’re looking for. You’ll be spending the money, make sure you’re spending it with someone who really cares what it is you want.

About me.

My name is Colin Browning and I offer a comprehensive personal training and strength and conditioning services.

I wasn't always into fitness, I hated PE at school. But I joined a running club 20 years ago and fell in love with it.

NowI am a 55 year old full time, highly experienced (10th year and over 12,000 hours) personal trainer working from my own personal training studio in Eaton, Norwich. I also offer specialist strength and conditioning services for athletes looking to improve sporting performance.


07740 584398

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