Older Clients


Age is just a number

I have clients in their 60s and 70s.

Age should be no barrier to getting fit, maintaining your fitness, improving flexibility or just working to make everyday tasks easier. Over the years I have worked with many senior clients. Some have been active when they came to me, others hadn't exercised in years. I have been able to guide them through their exercise programme and get them safely to their goals.

Client Testimonial

"Last Autumn I was a 67 year old, totally unfit, overweight, insulin – dependent diabetic. Having failed to overcome my health issues by any other method I went to Colin for nutritional advice and fitness training. I am now 32 kg’s lighter, unbelievably fitter, stronger and have reversed my diabetes, so I no longer need to take insulin and have stopped several other preventative medications. Colin trains elite athletes but can train someone like me too. I have been pushed to my limit but not beyond, never suffered any injury and whilst Colin does not like to train those who are unwilling to follow his advice, he makes the sessions varied and enjoyable. I can thoroughly recommend him based on what he has helped me achieve. If you want a completely professional and trustworthy trainer - Colin is your man." (Sue G 17 November 2016)