Strength & Conditioning


Improving Sporting Performance

Soon after starting work as a PT I qualified as a S&C Coach. Since then I have been increasing my client base amongst athletes of all abilities looking to improve their sporting performance.

In some cases a client will already have a technical coach to help improve the skills they need in their chosen sport. My role is to improve the client’s overall conditioning so they can more effectively put those technical skills to use. This may involve working on their speed, strength, endurance or agility.

I help S&C clients by first analysing the requirements of their sport. We then sit down and analyse the individual strengths and weaknesses of the client. Once these tasks have been carried out the work goes into designing the most effective exercise programme for the specific sport.

So if you are looking to improve your sporting performance, contact me to see how I can help. I'm always pleased to discuss my personal training and S&C services and how  can help aspiring athletes in Eaton and Norwich.

Colin Browning Personal Trainer.