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Quality PT Designed for You

There are cheaper personal trainers. There are also boot camps and classes which may only charge £5 per session. These will certainly make you sweat, but that is easy. Anyone can do that. I work to make you stronger, fitter, faster.

So I am not competing on price. I offer 8 years and thousands of hours of experience, an impressive track record of results and exclusive use of a fully equipped personal training studio in Eaton, Norwich. Quality counts.

Colin Browning Personal Trainer

Parsons Mead, Eaton, Norwich. NR4 6PG

07740 584398


Individual training

Six Sessions: £195.00

12 Sessions: £366.00

Training in pairs

Six Sessions: £292.00 (£146 each)

12 Sessions: £550.00 (£275 each)  

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