Personal Training in Norwich


Personal Training Clients Type A

The first type of PT client I help is probably new to personal fitness training or hasn't done any exercise in quite a while.

They are not looking to become Olympic athletes or cover models, but appreciate what personal training in Norwich could do for them.

So in the main they want to lose some weight, feel fitter and not struggle to kick a ball with the kids.

They may have also tried a gym but found it intimidating and confusing and are not sure how best to approach a new fitness regime.   

Many of my clients are like this and that is ok. We start easy and I teach them effective ways to combine exercise and a change their nutritional habits.

If they work hard and change their diet, they are often amazed at the results we can achieve without turning them into something they have no desire to be.

So if you are looking for professional and effective Personal Training, contact me for more details. 

Personal Training Clients Type B

The second type of client is often much more experienced, has been training regularly for some time and may have a gym membership they actually use.

This client is often looking for a change in how they train. They may just use the cardio machines in the gym and be a bit wary of walking into the free weights area. Or they may have hit a plateau and what to explore new training options.

This type of client can be pushed somewhat harder, but always under close supervision. We explore what exercise they already do and design plans which add benefit. Often this is free weights training but not always.

I have worked with plenty of these clients over the years. They soon appreciate the effectiveness of working 1-2-1 with me as a qualified professional and this shows in the results they see.

I Always Remember

Whether you are experienced or a novice, we undertake a realistic appraisal of how best to train, just what improvements we can expect and just how long it will take. There are no 'quick fixes', no 'next big thing' which will give you shortcuts. Improving fitness, whether it be endurance, strength, power or agility or changing your body composition takes time and effort. It is only ever achieved by consistent training week in, week out.