How I Work


What are you looking for?

For many clients, looking for a personal trainer in Norwich it can be a struggle to find the right trainer. But when they do, it becomes a very successful professional relationship. It is this relationship that I am aiming for.

What is important?

If you are looking for the cheapest personal trainer in Norwich, then it probably won't be me. But if you are looking for a trainer who has years of experience, is well established and will be around for years to come, then I will be the one for you.

Do I make it fun?

For many people, exercise must first and foremost be fun. There is nothing wrong with this and it explains why classes at gyms are so popular. Their emphasis is on fun. But how many people do you know who go regularly to these classes but don't seem to get the results they really want?

As a trainer, my focus is results, results results. This doesn't mean that training shouldn't be enjoyable, but results count more than anything. I don't need my clients to enjoy what they do whilst training, they just have to appreciate why they are doing it.

Calm & controlled

I never shout at clients.

You may have seen shows such as 'Britain's Biggest Loser' where the trainers shout and the contestants cry. In my experience neither of these tactics helps someone get fit or lose weight. So I actively encourage, guide, explain and push you in a positive way.

My clients come to me (and stay with me) because they get the results that can only come through hard work and dedication. They know what they want and so do I. So I train my clients hard and they work hard. Your body won't change unless you force it to do something it isn't used to doing. Then you will see results.

My guiding philosophy

I have one simple philosophy: Results count so nobody ever left my studio thinking they hadn't had their money's worth.