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Week Commencing Monday 27 Jan 2020

What do I get from exercise?

This deceptively simple question carries a multitude of answers. Listening to the office couch potato you might think that all of the answers are negative. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ok as I’ve written in other blogs, exercise does need to stress you to be truly effective. But it doesn’t need to kill you for you to feel the benefits. A bit breathless, sweaty and tired. Doesn’t actually sound that bad really.

Obviously, it can help with weight loss. Sure, nutrition is the key to this, but exercise helps. But other benefits also flow.

Being stronger helps with everyday tasks and works to prevent injury. Having a better CV system means we can perform better at a host of tasks. Improved bone density helps prevent breaks if we fall.

But what about just looking and feeling better? Diet to look good in clothes, exercise to look good naked. Improved quality of sleep is another. But aside the standard ‘end of a hard day bottle of wine’ and go for a run instead. You’ll sleep better and wake up feeling better.

Lower blood pressure helps reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Having a lower resting heart rate means you have more in the tank when it comes to taking the stairs two at a time. And what about keeping up with the kids at the weekend kick about? No more ‘sitting this game out’.

I could go on, but you really need to experience it for yourself. Give it three times a week for six weeks. I guarantee you’ll notice the difference.


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