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Week Commencing Monday 18 Feb 2019

Naturally Thin?

A friend of mine is particularly slim and in a world of overweight people, she stands out. But what really gets her is those trying to lose weight saying to her, ‘it’s alright for you, you’re naturally slim’. I can assure you she isn’t (and nor is anyone). She monitors her weight, trains hard and if her weight starts to creep up, she adjusts her diet to bring it back down. She merely pays more attention to the calories in/calories out formula than others. But as the size of people generally increases, we seem to be looking for some remarkable genetic reason why some people remain slim.

During the rationing years of the Second World War the nation was put on a collective diet and most people were slim. When I was growing up in the 1970s microwaves weren’t invented, the high street was full of shops rather than takeaways, families had one car not several, so we walked or cycled, and a ready meal was a tin of beans or an egg. Food was bought fresh and prepared and cooked. Indeed, eating out was something done very rarely, and chippy tea was a rare treat.

Compare that with the world today. The explosion in obesity hasn’t been caused by a genetic mutation but by a change in the environment. Cheap, calorie dense food is all around us and treats and an everyday occurrence.

Given how most people are now overweight and struggle to change their habits, the fashion for referring to some as ‘naturally thin’ has taken off. These people must have some magic gene. Let me assure you, they don’t. They just make different choices from the rest of us. They are organised and clear about what they want to look like. So when you’re trying to lose weight, don’t envy these people, copy them.


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