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Week Commencing Monday 18 Nov 2019

Changing the silhouette.

A lot of my clients are after weight loss. Not surprising really given the sheer number of people in the UK who are overweight. But after a while, when the weight has come down, the goal changes. Training becomes less about the scales and more about how the client looks in the mirror. I the words of the old adage, we diet to look good in clothes, but we train to look good naked.

So what we are talking about here is the client’s silhouette, their outline. How do we change that?

Here we can look at four elements. Skeleton, skin, fat and muscle. Now we can’t change the skeleton or the skin, we can work on fat and muscle.

Fat loss is about diet. A calorie deficit is needed to lose fat. Abs are made in the kitchen. A small, daily calorie deficit will eventually strip away the fat and reveal the muscle underneath.

Building muscle comes from lifting weights. This is what really gives us our shape after we’ve removed the fat. It’s what people mean by ‘toned’. Two people of the same height and weight can look completely different depending on their overall body composition. Muscle is more dense (not heavier) than fat so it takes up less space. By losing fat and building muscle, we can completely reshape our body. So work on your calorie deficit and start picking up weights. You’ll be glad you did.


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