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Week Commencing Monday 18 May 2020

Weight training for bone density.

Osteoporosis, or brittle bones, can affect anyone but older women are much more susceptible. Over the years bones can lose their density making them much more likely to break if you have a fall. So what role can exercise play in preventing osteoporosis or slowing its progression? This week’s information comes directly from the National Osteoporosis Society website

“Exercise is important in building strong bones in your early years but also throughout life in strengthening your muscles and bones and reducing your risk of a fragility fracture. Exercise does this partly by directly strengthening bone and partly by keeping you steady as you age, to make it less likely you will fall. Whether you have osteoporosis or not, finding out and engaging in suitable exercise will help you gain confidence and reduce your risk of breaking a bone.

Bone is a living tissue that reacts to increases in loads and forces put upon it by growing stronger. It does this all the time but any increase in ‘loading’ above normal levels has the best chance of increasing bone strength. Movement causes muscles to pull on bones, and if this pull is ‘loaded’, the force on the muscles is stronger and the effect on bone is greater.

Weight-bearing exercise that uses your body weight (such as jogging) and weight-resisted exercise (which involves pushing against some resistance, as in strength training) both help to improve bone strength. In later life, exercises to improve muscle strength and balance will also help to prevent falls.”

So strength training, as well as improving our muscles, has a direct and positive impact on our bones. Certainly something to think about before you avoid the weights in the gym.


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