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Week Commencing Monday 10 Dec 2018

December: the month of poor excuses

As I’ve said in previous posts, many of my clients come for weight loss and general fitness. To be able to walk upstairs without getting out of breath and to be able to kick a ball around with the kids. Over the nine years I’ve been working as a PT, you get to notice the clues as to which ones will succeed and which ones won’t.

Weight loss is the biggest hurdle for most of my clients and they get weighed every time they train with me, so we can track progress (or the lack of it). But it is what they say before they get on the scales which offers the biggest clue as to their motivation.

Clients who are looking forward to the weigh in regale me with tales of how they’ve been fully in control of their nutrition and how they avoided school boy errors and common pitfalls. Sure enough this is reflected in their numbers.

Then there is the second group who come with ready made excuses as to why they haven’t lost any weight, or indeed why they expect to have put on. These reasons tend to be ‘I had a party to go to’ or ‘there was a works do’ or indeed they had to spend a night away in a hotel. But why should these be big pitfalls? The answer really is that they shouldn’t. They’re excuses, not reasons.

Which brings us to December: the month of poor excuses.

I know December is regarded as ‘party season’ but the summer is barbeque season. The spring has Easter, February has Valentine’s day and so on and so on. If you’re imaginative enough, there is no good time to lose weight. Conversely any time is as good as any.

So, if you want to lose weight, stop with the excuses. Take control. There will always be reasons why ‘now is not the right time’ but your body can’t wait for the right time. Type 2 diabetes is no respecter of such externalities, it just wants you to change.


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