I’m really unfit. Will I be able to cope with a PT session?

On our first session I take you through a series of fitness tests. These give me a very good idea of your level of fitness. Sessions are then designed to match that level.

Am I too old for PT?

I currently have two clients in their 70s. My youngest client is 16 and I have everyone in between.

I have been going to the gym for years. Why should I consider PT?

Firstly all clients work harder with me than they would on their own so they see better results. Secondly many clients who are gym members simply do the same things each time they go. With me they learn new exercises and how to perform them safely.

Can't I just diet? Why bother with exercise?

Nutrition is the key element in weight loss but exercise plays a vital role. When you restrict calories but don’t exercise, the body tends to break down muscle and burn it for energy. This lowers your base metabolic rate. When you restrict calories and exercise, the body tends to burn much more fat.

I’m a women. Won’t I ‘bulk up’ if I lift weights?

No. This is probably the biggest myth in the gym. We have all seen images of very muscular women but these are athletes who train hard every day for years. This is way beyond what the average client will do. Women also have much lower levels of testosterone than men so find it very hard to get big. What lifting weights will do is improve your shape, help to burn fat and give you increased self-confidence.

How many times a week do I need to train?

My clients come to me once or twice a week. They then need to train by themselves on another couple of days. I will give guidance on what to do on those days.